Network Infrastructure Design Consulting
Enterprise Network architecture includes vital components of the IT infrastructure. Our team will help in developing, designing and planning the network architecture (LAN, WAN, Wireless) based on industry standard and frameworks. It includes identifying requirements and defining high-level architecture to functional specifications such as IP address allocation, VLAN segmentation, and routing design.
Servers and storage are the fundamental components of an IT infrastructure. Our recommendation and designs are tailored to meet the needs of the client. We design the right-size and type server and storage for the clients’ business to ensure integrity and protection of data.
Many organizations are facing challenges in IP Network planning due to increase in complexity of the network. We help in designing the IP addressing assignment (IPv4 and IPv6) to scale as per the business need and with the right understanding of security.
Security often remains an afterthought for small and medium businesses. We help in designing the Infra security that includes both hardware and software solutions to protect the network and application data.
We help in design & documentation of data center of all sizes including small, medium and large data center. Our experts can support in providing designs to overcome challenges with regard to the aging hardware and increasing complexity of the data center.
Communication System Design Consulting
Our team of consultants can support clients’ with AV technology design that is appropriate for their environment. We can design audio visual system for various environments from conference rooms to sports and recreation centers and complex Security Operation Centers (SOC) across various sectors such as commercial, residential, retail, healthcare, education, governments and sports.
Communication system should be reliable, flexible and ensure security in the transmission mode. We can help in designing voice communication system such as VoIP and IP telephony, voice enabled router. We can provide our expertise in the areas related to design of efficient voice mail, voice messaging design, and email communication system.
Business Continuity Planning and Consulting
Data Backup and Recovery plan can help organizations save millions of dollars from the consequence of ransomware attack. We design backup policy and recovery plans for organizations to meet their BCP goals.
ICT services faces huge loss during disaster causing business disruption and downtime of services. Effective disaster recovery policy and plan will help organizations to continue functioning during a failure. Our team of ICT and security experts will help in designing the DR plan with the right recommendation to meet the clients’ goals.
Security & Safety System Design Consulting
IP Closed-Circuit television (CCTV) relies on strategic placement of cameras. These cameras are placed according to the sector or the area of the structure, the number of cameras increase or decrease. This improves the security of the structure and helps to act on unforeseen events. We help design IP CCTV for clients from various business verticals.
Facility communication such as sports announcements, institutional communications, and shopping centre requires efficient public address PA systems. We help in designing these system for organizations to enhance their operations within the facility.
Security access control system such as biometric access controls are being deployed by organizations to restrict unauthorized entry, and improve authentication and monitoring capabilities. Our ICT experts can help in designing facial biometrics, retina and iris scanner, voice recognition technologies.
Security Strategic Consulting
Blue Team are the internal security team that defends against both real attackers and Red Teams. Blue Team assessment are similar to a vulnerability assessment focusing on identifying loopholes and weaknesses in the application, system, and the network. The assessment process will involve participation of few members of the internal security team (Blue Team) during the activity.

It exercises its tactics, techniques and processes (TTP) to simulate attacks in the organizations internal environment to evaluate the detection and response capabilities.
Red Team are highly trained security experts that attack and challenge an organization without the knowledge of the blue team. Red Team assessments are multi-layered attack simulation that are goal-oriented. It takes advantage of the vulnerabilities in areas such as Physical, People, Technology. It exercises its tactics, techniques and processes (TTP) to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in Blue Team’s People, Process and Technology (PPT).
Cryptography techniques are used in secure communication protocols such as HTTPS web pages, VPN and SSH. Cryptography is implemented to ensure data confidentiality and integrity. Bad actors and adversaries can break cryptography due to poor crypto design and weak links in its implementation.

Cryptography evaluation includes the analysis of crypto protocols, algorithms, cipher strength and its implementation. We identify weak points in the symmetric and asymmetric ciphers, random number generators, password storage and sensitive data storage mechanisms, hashing and cryptographic key management system (CKMS).
Organizations develop and maintain security strategic plan to attain the security vision and reduce the cyber threat landscape. It includes a well- documented procedure which details out the series of steps necessary to identify, remediate and manage risks while staying compliant.

Security Strategy assessment involves evaluation of the security roadmap, organizational security culture, gap analysis, compliance objectives and digital transformational initiatives. We eventually help in optimizing the existing security process, procedures and goals.
Code review is considered to be an effective method to identify functional and non-functional code flaws. Security code review involves the process of auditing the source code for an application to identify security flaws and verify that proper security controls are implemented.

Manual and Automated secure code review will ensure in assuring application developers are following secure development technique. Secure Code Assessments are an integral part of Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
Majority of the systems, devices, application and network are configured to meet the need of the business without considering the security aspect. Secure configuration reviews uses industry benchmarks and standards that could help in identifying the hardening gaps, loopholes and weaknesses in these systems.
Security Design and Architecture is an integral part of an organization to achieve multi-layered security. Security architecture assessment identifies design flaws, evaluates current security posture and recommends improvements to achieve desired/required security state.
Awareness is the key to prevention and protection. Employees are the first line of defense in cyber security. Security Education and Training is a continuous process that include assessing the client’s cyber security culture, scheduling and delivering various types of awareness sessions
Governance, Risk and Compliance Consulting (GRC)
Risk assessment services are a risk-based approach to discover the risk exposure of an organization and suggest actions to be taken for reducing the likelihood and magnitude of impact of a risk.
Healthcare industry deals with highly sensitive data such as the PHI (Patient Health Information). Any unauthorized release of these data could result in severe repercussions. We deliver a holistic approach for establishing healthcare cyber security.
Education institutions pay less priority over student data and security. Cyber security should be properly implemented in these sector as we clearly see a higher adoption rate of online or smart learning
Banking and Financial industry deals with payments and PII (Personal Identifiable Information). GRC are implemented to gain security visibility and meet the security audit needs for the organization.
Businesses are required to comply with laws and industry regulations. We help in evaluation of current compliance, recommending the governance model and procedures to attain compliance and meet the organizational goals
We ensure the Privacy policies are well-documented and perform the privacy impact assessment (PIA) and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to comply with privacy regulations such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).
We provide product-specific security advisory services for internal security team and C-Suite security advisory for C-Level management to develop and optimize the current defense and response plans
Advanced Security Consulting
IOT devices including smart watches to driverless cars are exposed to various type of cyber-attacks. Cyber Security is still seen as an afterthought for IOT implementations. We help in identifying security bugs at every level in an IOT infrastructure.
Information explosion and information overload are two major issues faced with organizations that are hit with abundant security data to correlate, make decisions or analyze patterns. We evaluate both AI and big data analytics to effectively optimize and create an automated learning environment.
Blockchains are continuously growing list of blocks secured using cryptography. We assess the Blockchain technology at various levels to improve overall security and identify vulnerabilities in the system.
Compromise assessments will help in proactively identifying past or ongoing intrusions and suspicious activity in the network through analyzing endpoints and networks for unknown malicious behaviour
Unknown malwares and zero day attacks are targeted at organizations by advanced threat actors. We use Threat Intelligence and malware reverse engineering techniques to get complete threat visibility of the network.
SOC are centralized facility where organizations information system are monitored, assessed and defended. We ensure that the client needs are met by providing a continuous improvement to optimize the SOC framework and implement effective cyber security strategy.